"My Story Isn't Over Yet"

My story isn't over yet, neither is yours. Every story is meant to be told, shared, celebrated and experienced.

You are the author of your story; Your story isn't over yet.

The semi colon meaning: The semi colon is used when a sentence could have ended; but didn't. The semicolon is symbolic for anyone who has ever self-harmed, has a personality disorder, or suffers from depression or mental illness. The semi colon is a sign of hope, courage and strength, showing that you could've ended things but you chose to keep moving forward; your story hasn't ended yet-a symbol of strength & overcoming obstacles. 

We have a great selection of  "Your Story hasn't Ended Yet" gifts- any of which would make a beautiful gift for encouragement for anyone going through tough times, or a gift to yourself as a reminder of your strength and courage and the struggles you have overcome- and the best is yet to come

"When people undermine your dreams, predict your doom, or criticize you, remember, they’re telling you THEIR story, NOT YOURS."~ Cynthia Occelli