Chocolate and Caramel Dipped Pretzels with Toffee bits

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Chocolate Caramel Dipped Pretzels with Toffee bits

These pieces of heaven will surprise your sweet someone with a mouthful of sinful deliciousness that nobody can resist!

Send your sweet someone a sweet surprise with these chocolate and caramel dipped pretzels with toffee bits, a scrumptious sweet flavor in each bite.

This tasty treat will be the center of their attention!


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Available in milk chocolate, white chocolate or both.

Pretzel rods are dipped in both caramel and chocolate of your choice then topped with toffee bits

Each Chocolate and Caramel dipped pretzel is individually wrapped 

$2.50 each (you will get a total of 8 handmade chocolate dipped pretzels)

Orders are made to order so please allow 3-5 days

Samples are available upon request

Made in Hamilton, Montana